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Justice Now for Clash Victims

In its hopeless efforts to water down the spirited clamour for political, legal and constitutional reforms in Kenya, the despotic Kanu regime instigated political and ethnic violence in Kenya in 1991 - 93 and 1997 - 98. This led to displacement of more than 600,000 people not withstanding the enormous destruction and loss of lives, property and opportunities.

Due to flagrant disregard and complicity exhibited by the government over these events, development, human rights and religious organizations became and still are the most consistent agitators for justice for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Kenya. In the process, Fr. John Anthony Kaiser emerged as one of the most passionate crusader and agitator for the human rights and welfare of IDPs in Kenya. His mission was to ensure the resettlement and justice for the victims of clashes, which he saw as the only lasting solution.

Unfortunately, Father Kaiser passed away on 28th August 2002. His mysterious death raised disturbing questions as the KANU government was suspected to have been involved. Since then, the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (CJPC) together with other stakeholders have been commemorating his death. This year’s 4th Anniversary since Fr. Kaiser demise will serve as a platform to advocate for justice and the resettlement of IDPs in Kenya. The theme for the anniversary is “Justice Now for Clash Victims.” A series of activities have been scheduled to take place as a build up to the major event - the procession and mass on 28th August 2004.

One is special forum for the IDPs, intended to serve as a platform for reflection, agitation and publicity on the IDPs experiences, struggles and issues.

Much has been said than done about issues affecting the IDPs. This is the moment for IDPs to devise very practical and time bound programmes on how to vigorously engage with government in ensuring resettlement and justice for clash victims. Thirteen years of torture and distress has been too long a period waiting for justice to be done!

We Demand Justice for and Resettlement of Survivors of Clashes NOW!