Sauti Kutoka Ghetto  Radio Program on Radio Waumini 88.3 FM on SLUMS
It is aired every Wednesday 7.30 p.m and repeated every Friday at 9.00p.m
Maisha ya Ghetto Radio Program on Radio Umoja 101.5 FM on slums
It is aired every Tuesday, and Saturday at 8.00 p.m.

Slum Ministry: Communications
The aim of the Communications ministry is the evangelization through media. This Ministry promotes the mass production of media and communication material so as to effectively empower the Parish in her evangelical mission and support the holistic formation of persons and communities.

Sauti Kutoka Ghetto, a Radio program on slums
Radio Waumini 88.3 FM is a Catholic Radio at the service of the Gospel. It is an instrument of evangelization and promotion of all initiatives and activities of the Catholic Church in Kenya.

Radio Waumini does a weekly program on the Nairobi Informal Settlements in Swahili.
The program brings the voices of the slumdwellers and the activities of the Catholic Parishes in the slums to the public and to the listeners. It is transmitted every Wednesday 7.30 p.m and repeated every Friday at 9.00p.m.

Madaline Kasuku realizes the program for which she has got an award in 2005 as the best radio program on Informal settlements.

Magazine: Sauti ya kutoka chini - REACH
Educational and Developmental magazine published fortnightly by Project Busara at Emerald Court, Ngong Road P.O. Box 15055

Kibera Christ the King Communications Department
The department takes care of all the communications between the different departments of the parish. It keeps alive the networking among the small christian communities (scc). The department takes care of the links with other parishes and prepares the announcements to be read in Church on Sundays.

The Communication department published a short newsletter "Christ the King Catholic Church - Kibera, An Oasis of Hope" with information on the Parish and the Activities of the different Ministries. They publish also the Newsletter "KIBERA Nyumbani kwetu" (Kibera,)

The department publishes a weekly sheet "Christ the King Catholic Church - Kibera" with the readings and the announcements of the week.
A Community Library for Christ the King Parish and Schools has just been open.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Communication
Guadalupe Media and Communications Apostolate gathers young professionals and up-coming multi-media artists who have come together to consolidate communication and media apostolate in the Parish.

The initial project in 2000 was to revive the Parish newsletter "Kioo Cha Haki". Due to financial constraints the publication has had to been stopped in 2002.

In 2004, the apostolate re-established with new initiative. This time rolling out a training program in Portable Video Production supported by equipment and trainers from among its membership.
The Communication Apostolate helps also readers, and choirs to use the microphones in an adequate way.

They prepare information sheets on topics of interest for the parishioners in English and Swahili. Some of the issues dealt with are: "Safer neighborhoon, Christian approach to insecurity and crime"; Lectio Divina, on the 7 steps of Lumko; History of Our Lady of Guadalupe; Evangelisation week; etc.

Together with the team of catechists, they prepare the banners to decorate the Church and to indicate the different Liturgical times or Church events. e.g. now there is a banner on the "Year of Peace".