Dissertation MBA: 5 Winning Writing Hints For Students

Dissertation MBA: A Detailed Writing Guide For Students

Writing a dissertation for MBA is one of the last steps you take before moving from academics to professional world. Naturally you would want it to be grand and reflect your capabilities. Here are some points to guide you through your MBA dissertation writing.

  • Plan your topic
  • This is the first thing you have to do before you even start writing. This involves formulating the all-important single, most important and coherent question which will shape your dissertation within the framework provided by your institution. A clear, concise contemporary and relevant topic proposed clearly will be easily approved than a broad and vague one. Take help from your faculty or institution resources whenever necessary.

  • Structure is most important in dissertation writing skills
  • The written material you submit as your MBA thesis or dissertation will matter the most. Many splendid ideas are lost if they are not properly written. You should be able to structure, write and present your dissertation so that what you are trying to convey is easily and clearly understood by everyone. A standard structure is to start with the executive summary, introduction, theoretical background, research hypotheses, methodology and findings, analysis and results, discussion, conclusion followed by bibliography.

  • Research methodically
  • Make sure that the topic of your choice has the scope to be researched properly. Go through the existing work relevant to your topic and form your research questions based on the gaps in the works. It is also important to tell about your research methodology. A proper researched paper should clearly tell the readers about how you gathered your data; how is this data relevant to your topic; how are you going to analyze this data and also what are the problems that might arise out of your research and how you are going to ameliorate them.

  • Edit more than you write
  • Proper editing is more crucial to the success of your paper. You have to adhere to the central question of your topic and strive for cohesiveness and readability throughout the chapters. Do not hesitate to remove anything which might be superfluous to your topic. Also ensure proper spelling, grammar and sentence formation throughout the dissertation.

  • Plan early
  • A proper dissertation cannot be written overnight or over a weekend. A last minute cut and paste job is not going to reflect well on your grades, so it pays if you treat your dissertation like an ongoing project which requires your continuous inputs and attention.

Writing your MBA dissertation or thesis requires a considerable amount of time and energy. Apart from the readings, research and data collection, the actual writing part is also quite tedious. If you think that you will not be able to do justice to the writing part of your dissertation then you can also take the help of professional dissertation help services, which are abound on the web.