How To Write Effective Discussion: Dissertation Writing Tips

Writing a dissertation discussion section in a few steps

Discussion is one of the most important components in your dissertation. It states the breakdown, estimations, inferences and explanations of your research results, along with future research possibilities on the topic. When you write your dissertation, discussion remains at the heart of it.

Important dissertation questions - How to structure the discussion

Here are certain major points for you to consider and include while planning the discussion section.

  • Plan the structure – Organize your thoughts and try to develop a logical outline. You can form an organizational structure or use one of the many apps and software for this purpose.
  • Keep it short and simple – keep the language simple, and the content short. State your explanations, supporting and defense of your test results in a very clear manner.
  • Keep the perspective clear – don’t veer away from your research question or topic. . All the investigation, study and analysis should be coherent and revolve round your basic research question.
  • Combine results and discussion - You can combine the results and discussion together for better consistency in your explanation and understanding of the readers. This will depend largely on the subject of dissertation.
  • Include anomalies and conflicts - Discuss and try to evaluate any anomaly or conflicting research data. You may list any such occurrences separately but do not avoid them of be evasive about them.
  • Put in your recommendations – your dissertation has its own limitations and you should critically evaluate your work and include your recommendations for further research on the topic.

What not to do in a discussion – dissertation failures

The discussion chapter can fail a dissertation if it is not properly written. Many things can go wrong, like -

  • The analysis might not be coherent with the central question
  • The language might be difficult for the evaluators
  • There can be a number of redundant observations listed

Even if you have completed a commendable piece of research you simply might lack the language skills to put it together to be evaluated properly. In this situation it is advisable to call for professional help.

Your dissertation guide is the best help you can get but sometimes for several reasons you might require more hands on help than advice. You can simply suffer from a writer’s block and would like someone to write the dissertation for you. Or you are awaiting some research results and the timeline is pressing in. In desperate situations you might consider taking help of writing agencies.

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