How To Organize A Great Dissertation Title Page Properly

Dissertation Title Page - How To Make It Right

A dissertation title page is extremely important, since it is the first aspect of your work that your reader will see. In your case, it will be faculty members who will read to assess the quality of research that you have produced. A title page will impart a first impression upon the reader and, as such, you need to ensure that you give off an excellent first impression, as they are extremely important. This article will discuss exactly how to make a good dissertation cover page.

Cover Page

A cover page should include some vital and crucial information in regards to your thesis. Some colleges go the extra step and give their students sample pages from which they can input the relevant information that they need to show on their cover page. However, for those students not lucky enough to receive this help, they need to look up all what a good cover page entails.

Your cover page should include the following:

  • The institution that will be rewarding your dissertation. In most cases this will be the name of your college or university.
  • The name of your faculty. This is the department to which you will be submitting your thesis.
  • Your supervisor.
  • The date. This should be the date on which you submitted your thesis to your faculty.
  • The award for which the dissertation has been submitted.
  • Academic year of submission.
  • Your name.
  • The title of your dissertation.

All this relevant information needs to be included in the title page of the dissertation. The institution name, award name, academic year of submission, your name and the title need to be prioritized over the other information on your cover page.

As such, we recommend that at the top you put down the name of your institution and the faculty to which you have submitted your work. In the middle of the page, you put the information pertaining to your name, academic year of submission, name of your degree and the title of your research. The rest of the information can be placed near the bottom of the page.

Along with making sure that the title page is written correctly, you need to know how to write a dissertation, and how to structure one. As such, we need to go through the necessary subheadings your thesis must include.

  • Abstract and introduction: The abstract is a very brief summary of your work, and the introduction should state your aims of objectives of undertaking this research.
  • Literature Review: Here, you will analyze previous literature produced pertaining to your topic.
  • Methodology: This section gives you a chance to have a deep insight into the methods you will be employing.
  • Results and discussion: You will write your results and analyze the implications.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion is a summarization of everything you have discussed. You will also need to say whether or not your objectives have been met.
  • We hope that this dissertation help has made you better realize the important aspects of writing your thesis, and how to compose a great cover page.